MLM Softwares

Swastik Web Tech offers development of powerful, one–of-a-kind software intended to meet customer’s unique demands. Our skilled specialists know the plan of business and deliver successful solutions that accord with all the specified requirements while invariably staying within time and budget limits. Along with full-cycle custom software development, we provide software maintenance and platform-based customization.
Our vast experience in Developing MLM Softwares, enable us to deliver Best software to suit any type of MLM concept in-time. We deliver perfect solutions to any MLM and Network Marketing concepts with multiple & advanced features, endless Imaginations & ideas executing and making the project as per the specifications required by clients. Swastik Web Tech specializes in the development of custom software. At every stage of the development process, from conceptual design to product release, the highest quality standards are maintained.

MLM Software Features

  • Unlimited Joining, Unlimited products.
  • Well integrated with payment gateways like PayPal and CC Avenue.
  • Genealogy & Network
  • One click marketing plan selection viz. Binary, Matrix, Tri Matrix etc.
  • Franchise Management.
  • A complete E-Wallet Ledger for every Distributor is maintained.
  • Customer Feedback access module.
  • Best SMS integration.
  • Quick and hassle free E – Pin generation.
  • Quick inter team communication via. Chat or VOIP.
  • Genealogy / Tree View
  • Ready to use web interface and choice of most effective domain names.
  • Balance Transfer and Report
  • Integrated social networking platform for a product related community.
  • E-Pin Management
  • Quick inter team communication via. Chat or VOIP.
  • Database Back Up System.
  • E Commerce Integration.

MLM Business Plans

According to the modern Multi-Level Marketing (or) MLM Strategies, there is number of MLM Compensation Plans you can choose from. Each Plan has its own advantages and limitations. Before getting into actual network marketing environment, it is vital to aquitaine the current and varying trends in Multi-Level Marketing. For Multi-Level Marketing companies, choosing a MLM Software will be quite easy as they know about the current Network Marketing plans.

Binary MLM Plan
Australian X-Up MLM Plan
Gift Plan/Help Plan/Donation MLM Plan
Generation MLM Plan
Repurchase MLM Plan
Monoline MLM Plan
UniLevel MLM Plan
Board MLM Plan
Stair Step Break Away MLM Plan
Matrix MLM Plan
Mobile Recharge Android/iPhone App
Spill Over MLM Plan

MLM Administrator Panel

  • Member profile Editing
  • Joining status (day wise joining count)
  • Report export (excel,word,pwd,csv)
  • Payout Closing Statement (daily/weekly/monthly as per your plan)
  • TDS Report (tds deduction of member)
  • Geneology (Geneology tree of memberid )
  • E-Wallet Status(balance status)
  • Issue Cheque (cheque no to specific payout)
  • Check member status(achievement,joinig,downline)
  • NEFT System (mark payout as net banking)
  • MLM Software for Referral Marketing
  • Promotion List (Promotion list )
  • PAN No. Report (memberlist with/without PAN Card)
  • Downline List(memberid's downline)
  • MLM Member Back Office

  • User Home Page (current status of user like binary,left,right,totalmember)
  • Account detail (member id,name,sponsor detail, address,bank etc.)
  • Bank modification (change bank a/c with password authorization)
  • Transaction password(change Transaction password)
  • Leg Status (leg status/direct member legs)
  • Direct joining (list of direct members)
  • Closing Payout (payout credited in member account after closing)
  • Current Payout(current tentitive payout before closing)
  • E-Pin Request(request for purchasing epin)
  • E-Wallet (purchase epin from member's balance)
  • Modify detail (change basic detail using transaction password)
  • Geneology Tree (direct to direct tree structure)
  • Downline (tabular list of member downlines)
  • Active Members (list of members who introduced members)
  • MLM E-Pin Panel

  • Generate ePin (product wise epin generation)
  • Show epin (list of all epin product wise)
  • E-Pin status (available/used/block)
  • E-Pin summery(datewise/productwise ePin summary)
  • E-Pin issue (issue epin to members)
  • Blocking E-Pin (block unsed epin)
  • Find epin (find by serial no./E-pin code)
  • We at Swastik Web Technology believe in Simple, Cost-Effective, Scalable and Maintainable Software Systems. If there are existing systems then we welcome them; if not then we create customized software solutions.

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